Why India is interested in Morocco


Rabat -Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari has just returned from his 3-day visit to Morocco from May 30t to June 1st, 2016. During his time here, Ansari met with Moroccan Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane, and a Chamber of Commerce and Industry was formed to facilitate bilateral trade. But why might India be interested in Morocco?

The most immediate answer is phosphates. Phosphates are used for fertilizer, making them extremely valuable to agrarian societies such as India. Moroccan phosphate resources are among the most extensive in the world, with only China and the United States reaching similar levels of production.

China, as of 2015, far outpaced Morocco’s phosphate production at roughly 100 million tons. However, China and India have a well-known rivalry that has resulted in war and seizure of territory in past decades. The strategic benefits of relying on Chinese resources to feed India’s people and bolster its economy are dubious.

The United States produced 27.6 million tons of phosphates in the same year, but Morocco produced 30 million tons, earning it a place among the two leading global superpowers. However, Moroccan phosphate reserves are the largest in the world by a significant margin; some estimates place Moroccan phosphate reserves at half of the world’s total.

This makes the kingdom an ideal trading partner to India, with resources that will only increase. Given the importance of food resources to a nation as populous as India, obtaining phosphates is a top priority. In return for these and other resources, India offers automobile manufacturing and pharmaceutical production to Morocco.

India’s influence in Africa has waned over recent decades, with rival China increasing its economic presence. To improve its own position on the geopolitical stage, India must become more involved with the affairs of so large a continent as Africa. This is especially pertinent given India’s ambitions to obtain a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.

On a more fundamental level, India and Morocco share certain societal outlooks and political situations. They certainly have no animosity for one another, as characterized by Vice President Ansari’s statement: “There are no points of conflict [between India and Morocco] and politically our outlooks do not clash.”

Similarities run deeper than a mere lack of conflict; both nations have a clearly dominant religion, but are nonetheless hubs of multiculturalism. Morocco has been an Islamic nation since the Arab conquest in the 8th Century, but garnered a reputation for tolerance in al Andalus by fostering a society in which Muslims, Jews, and Christians could coexist. It later became a haven for Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition, and enjoyed a rare peace among religions in the Middle Ages and later centuries.

India is also home to significant religious minorities. As of 2015, it houses the third largest population of Muslims in the world, as well as a sizeable Sikh minority. Tensions and clashes among these groups have become central to the political stage. Morocco’s history of coexistence may provide a worthwhile point of reference to Indian political leadership.

Likewise, both nations govern territory that is internationally disputed. Morocco’s governance over its Southern Provinces/Western Sahara is a point of contention with the United Nations, which has encouraged a referendum that has proved unworkable.

Similarly, India governs large territories in Jammu and Kashmir, and the United Nations has also advocated a referendum that has failed to come about. India and Morocco share similar political flashpoints, which remain unresolved.

India and Morocco are separated by 8,458 km (5256 miles), but united by trade. The economic advantages to a partnership are abundantly clear, but the relationship could go far beyond an exchange of goods alone.

Perhaps Morocco and India can learn from their shared social and political issues and move forward together, expanding their relationship to a deeper and more lasting engagement. This may not be the intention of either government, but the parallels between their circumstances are clear, and may present an opportunity for progress and mutual understanding.

source: moroccoworldnews http://bit.ly/2dSw7lf



Training Ondernemen in Marokko 5, 12 en 19 november

Marokko, het land waar de zon ondergaat, is een bakermat van rust in de regio en biedt tal van investeringsmogelijkheden. Het investeringsklimaat is erg goed en de Marokkaanse economie bloeit als nooit tevoren. Dit is het moment voor start-ups met innovatieve ideeën om de kansen in de Marokkaanse markt te verkennen.

Wil je op de hoogte gebracht worden van de nieuwste ontwikkelingen in Marokko, kennis maken met de wet en regelgeving en betere inzichten krijgen in de haalbaarheid van je bedrijfsidee? Volg dan de drie daagse training van SPARK. De training wordt verzorgd door ervaren trainers/coaches die veel ervaring hebben met het begeleiden van start-ups naar Marokko.


– Cultuur van het zakendoen in Marokko – Wet en regelgeving in Marokko
– De praktijk (een aantal praktijkvoorbeelden)
– Je eigen businessplan schrijven

U kunt zich aanmelden op: http://investinmorocco.nl/aanmelden




Stagiair International Business gezocht

Stagiair International Business gezocht!

Invest in Morocco is op zoek naar een student (derde jaars) International Business.

Invest in Morocco is een organisatie die zich bezig houdt met het begeleiden, coachen en trainen van startups en bestaande ondernemers naar Marokko. De organisatie is gevestigd in Amsterdam. Invest in Morocco heeft al ruim 14 jaar ervaring met dit werk en heeft tientallen startups succesvol begeleidt naar Marokko. Wij beschikken over een groot netwerk in Marokko en werken met verschillende partnerorganisaties samen.

De Marokkaanse economie is momenteel booming. De afgelopen tien jaar was de groei gemiddeld 6%.
Een aantal sectoren in Marokko groeit explosief en heeft meer dan ooit de vraag naar innovatieve ondernemers. Ook een aantal regio’s in Marokko kent een grote ontwikkeling. Deze ontwikkelingen zijn niet on-opgevallen gebleven.
Steeds meer Nederlandse bedrijven met een specifieke kennis melden zich bij Invest in Morocco. Zij willen graag begeleid worden bij hun entree op de Marokkaanse markt.
Up to date marktinformatie is momenteel van cruciaal belang.

Wij zoeken een stagiair die zich de komende maanden gaat bezig houden met een aantal zaken:
– Ophalen marktinformatie van bepaalde sectoren in Marokko;
– Ontwikkelingen in Marokko monitoren en deze presenteren op de website;
– Alle opgehaalde informatie ‘vertalen’ in bruikbare informatie en deze via de moderne kanalen (facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram) verspreiden;
– Meehelpen organiseren van events in Nl die betrekking hebben op ondernemen in Marokko;
– Contact onderhouden met binnenlandse en buitenlandse netwerkpartners;

– Affiniteit met International Business Development;
– Goede kennis van de Franse en Engelse taal in woord en geschrift, Arabisch is een pré;
– Kennis van het Nederlandse mkb;
– Excellente beheersing van social media;
– Meedenker en geen volger;
– Flexibele instelling en goed zelfstandig kunnen werken;

Wat wij bieden:
– Goede begeleiding bij het krijgen van inzichten in International Business Development;
– Kennis maken met een emerging market en alle daarmee gepaard gaande ontwikkelingen;
– Een flexibele werkomgeving volgens principe van het nieuwe werken.
– Inzicht in een breed internationaal netwerk;

Heb je interesse stuur dan een mail met je CV en motivatie naar info@investinmorocco.nl

Morocco in TOP 5 African Countries Valued by Investors over 2016-2020


moroccan economy

Paris – Morocco is among the TOP 5 African countries valued by investors over the year 2016-2020, according to a survey on international investors’ perception of African economy by 2020, issued on Tuesday in Paris.

Conducted by Havas Horizons, under Paris Havas agency and Choiseul Institute, the survey also noted that the Kingdom is one of the African countries perceived as potential actors in the energy sector during the 2016-2020 period.

The same source recalled that Morocco have banked on renewable energy, noting that the country has investors’ trust, in addition to other African countries that combine both high population growth and promising economic prospects.

The survey said that international investors have always been optimistic about the African economic prospects on the short and midterm.

source: moroccoworldnews

China legt een mega industriegebied aan in Tanger

Het bezoek van de koning van Marokko aan China in mei begint nu al zijn vruchten af te werpen.

China legt een mega industriegebied aan in Tanger. Een investering van 10 miljard dollar en 100 duizenden banen.

(Marokkaans gesproken)

bron: Bladna.nl

Klimaat conferentie In Marrakesh, 7-18 nov 2016

22nd Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (COP 22)

What is COP?

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) went into power in 1994, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. The Conference of the Parties (COP) was assigned as the preeminent administering body of the Convention. To date, 195 nations have presented their instruments of approval. These nations meet once per year, during two weeks, so as to assess the utilization of the Convention and build up the arrangement process between the Parties before new duties. By ideals of this Convention, every one of the Parties have basic yet separated obligations. What’s more, they consider the particular way of their national and territorial advancement needs, their objectives and circumstances. As per the prior, their obligations are :

1. Gather and share information on greenhouse gas emissions, national policies and optimal practices.

2. Implement national strategies for addressing the issue on greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to foreseen impacts of climate change, as well as determining the provision of financial and technological support to developing countries.

3. Cooperate to be prepared and adapt to climate change effects.

COP22 Marrakech – Morocco

Morocco is a safe country with an ancient tradition of hospitality so travelers feel secure and very welcomed. The physical beauty and cultural brilliance together with an extensive touristic infrastructure of exquisite modern hotels, and resorts and excellent guides makes Morocco one of the most exciting and fulfilling travel destinations in the world. Since, this conference is taking place in Marrakech city, which is known as the first touristique destination in Morocco. Traces Berberes Voyages, your travel agency in Morocco listens to you and advise you. We propose to our honorable guests a panel of services and products all at your disposal