Morocco turns the Sahara desert into a solar energy oasis

Morocco says it wants to be the Saudi Arabia of solar energy. Its flagship project is a first-of-its-kind, $9-billion energy plant called Noor, meaning “light” in Arabic, and the size of the city of Paris. Special correspondent Monica Villamizar reports from the city of Ouarzazate.

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Source: PBS News Hour



Subsidieregeling DHI (demonstratieprojecten, haalbaarheids- en investeringsvoorbereidingsstudies) sluit 29 maart 2018.

De eerste tenderronde van 2018 voor de Subsidieregeling demonstratieprojecten, haalbaarheidsstudies en investeringsvoorbereidingsstudies (DHI) staat momenteel open voor het indienen van aanvragen. Nederlandse mkb’s, en dit jaar voor het eerst ook mkb’s uit het Caribische deel van het Koninkrijk, kunnen tot en met 29 maart een aanvraag indienen.

Met DHI succesvol internationaal zakendoen

De DHI-subsidie helpt Nederlandse bedrijven bij het succesvol ‘internationaliseren’ op buitenlandse markten. Dit doet ze door in een vroege fase te onderzoeken of een export/investeringsproject haalbaar is of om te demonstreren dat een bepaald exportproduct of technologie toepasbaar is. De regeling geldt voor zowel ontwikkelde landen, opkomende markten als ontwikkelingslanden.

Voor wie is DHI-subsidie?

De subsidie kan worden aangevraagd door ieder bedrijf dat voldoet aan de volgende basiscriteria:

  • de aanvrager is een Nederlands mkb of mkb uit het Caribische deel van het Koninkrijk
  • heeft minimaal drie werknemers (inclusief directie)
  • heeft een substantiële omzet gerealiseerd (dat wil zeggen een gemiddelde jaaromzet van minstens 100.000 euro over de drie jaar vóór de subsidieaanvraag)
  • heeft eigen exportproducten (technologie, diensten, kapitaalgoederen)
  • en plannen voor export naar (of investeringen in) een ‘DHI-land’. In 2018 zijn dit alle landen, met uitzondering van Nederland en zogenaamde sanctielanden.

DHI-subsidie aanvragen?

U kunt DHI-subsidie aanvragen voor drie verschillende typen projecten:

  • Demonstratieproject: dit is een project gericht op het demonstreren van uw technologie, kapitaalgoed of dienst in een nieuwe buitenlandse doelmarkt. De subsidie vergoedt maximaal 50% van de subsidiabele projectkosten, en maximaal 200.000 euro.
  • Haalbaarheidsstudie: dit  is een haalbaarheidsonderzoek dat door uw bedrijf wordt uitgevoerd voor een geïnteresseerde buitenlandse klant die wil investeren in uw technologie, kapitaalgoed of dienst. De subsidie vergoedt maximaal 50% van de subsidiabele projectkosten, en maximaal 100.000 euro.
  • Investeringsvoorbereidingsstudie: dit is een studie naar de technische en financiële haalbaarheid van een door uw bedrijf voorgenomen buitenlandse investering in (het neerzetten van) een nieuwe productiefaciliteit, of uitbreiding van een bestaande productie- of dienstfaciliteit. De subsidie vergoedt maximaal 50% van de subsidiabele projectkosten, en maximaal 100.000 euro.

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Investment incentives Tanger Automotive City

Companies that join the Tanger Automotive City platform benefit from many advantages: 0% corporate tax for five years and only 8.75% for the following 20 years; exemption of VAT, customs duties and other local taxes; simplified currency transactions and customs procedures; state subsidies, etc.


Advantages linked to the free zone status

TAC enjoys free zone status for its industrial, logistics and service activities.
This status gives companies that set up here a special status which helps to strengthen their export competitiveness:
– Exempt from regulations relating to the control of foreign trade and exchange,
– Special customs procedures: free circulation of goods,
– Exempt from all duties and taxes (VAT, business tax and urban tax for 15 years, registration costs on the purchase of land and capital increase, customs duties),
– Exempt from corporate tax for five years, followed by a rate limited to 8.75% for the following 20 years,
– Currency transactions.

For more information, visit the website of the Agence Marocaine de Développement des Investissements

State subsidies

With the aim of encouraging foreign investment, the state of Morocco has set up subsidies, up to 15% (Hassan II fund) and 30% for the entire investment (industrial development fund).

To find out the eligibility conditions for the Hassan II Fund for economic and social development, visit the website of the Moroccan Department for Industry, Trade, Investment and the Digital Economy.

Tanger Automotive City offers exceptional competitive advantages. The TAC business park is one of the most powerful economic clusters in the Mediterranean via its integration in global logistics, trade and industrial flows.

Interested in the opportunities in this sector? Please contact us. We can provide you detailed information on the latest developments and are able to introduce you to key partners in this sector.


Morocco in Top 3 Most Promising Emerging Car-Industry Markets- Survey

Morocco was listed among the top three most promising markets for the automotive industry, said Spanish insurance company “Crédito y Caucion” in a recent study.

Morocco was ranked along with the Czech Republic and Vietnam as most performing emerging automotive industry markets, offering attracting investment opportunities to carmakers in 2018.

“Morocco succeeded in few years to make the automotive sector a centerpiece of its economy by attracting world-class investors,” the company said.

The study recalls that Morocco is the second largest car producer in Africa putting into the market 345,106 cars in 2016 with a growth rate of 19.7% annually.

The study sheds light on mega-investments by French giants such as Renault, which set up a factory in 2012 in Tangier and Peugeot which will inaugurate a plant in Kenitra in 2019 with an annual production capacity of 200,000 cars.

Local car part makers are finding new business opportunities in these investments notably thanks to the creation of eco-systems with the aim of increasing locally produced components in the Moroccan-made cars to 80%.

source: The North African Post

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Tanger Tech City, the bright future of north Morocco

TANGIERS: Morocco and China’s Haite Group signed an agreement on March 20, 2017 to launch an industrial park near Tangiers for 200 Chinese companies that will create tens of thousands of jobs.With an initial investment of US$1 billion, “Mohamed VI Tangier Tech City” aims to generate 100,000 jobs, including 90,000 for employees from the Tangiers area.

The following plans will be realized in Tangier tech city:

  • Integrated service area with smart living space;
  • Aeronautical industry zone;
  • Automotive Industry Zone;
  • E-commere area;
  • Telecommunication zone;
  • Equipment industry zone for renewable energies;
  • Production area for household appliances and hardware;
  • Zone of manufacture of pharmaceutical equipments;
  • Material production area;
  • Agribusiness area

With all these opportunities ahead, Morocco will have to invest in the right match between education and the requested potential at the start of these developments. An instrument to achieve this is the creation of Technoparks where science education, research and entrepreneurship for ICT, advanced instrumentation and sustainable businesses meet.

Technoparks contribute to the purpose of stimulating innovation and the creation of an environment where startups can flourish. Therefore it is essential that knowledge and business are brought together, so that scientific knowledge can be translated into products, companies or medical treatment.

A good example of such a Technopark is the Amsterdam Science Park, the largest hub in Europe for science education, research and entrepreneurship for ICT, advanced instrumentation and sustainable businesses.

Amsterdam Science Park


Pollutec Maroc, largest exhibition for environment and energy in Morocco (25-28 october 2017)


Interested in this exhibition? Invest in Morocco can help you in different ways, depending on your needs. We have a large network of companies and governmental organisations in Morocco who are active in this sector. You can contact us on

Pollutec Maroc is an international trade fair for environmental equipment, technologies and services, which takes place once a year in Casablanca. It is the largest exhibition for environment and energy in Morocco. Morocco, a country that already enjoys a leading position with regard to sustainable development in Africa, has set itself the goal to improve its position in the fields of water, renewable energy and energy efficiency in the coming years. The focus of the government is layd in the waste water treatment, the recycling and the use of environmentally friendly technologies in wind and solar energy, drinking water supply and water treatment. Therefore the most modern technological equipment is needed and will be offered at Pollutec Maroc. The fair offers the full product range in the fields of environmental protection, environmental treatment and environmental technologies ranging from the equipment and technology to environmental services with the aim of promoting sustainable development. Focus of the exhibition are the themes of waste, recycling, water analysis, measurement, control, air, energy, sites, soils, biodiversity and risks. Pollutec Maroc will be accompanied by an extensive program of technical workshops and conferences, providing quality content on current issues in relation to the needs and concerns of Morocco and the African continent.

The Pollutec Maroc will take place on 4 days from Wednesday, 25. October to Saturday, 28. October 2017 in Casablanca.

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