Interesting reading: SME Financing in Morocco and Alternatives

Small and medium enterprises, which are the key element to the development of the economy of a country like Morocco, are involved in varied activities related to trade, agriculture, crafts, tourism… It is clear that they require funds to start their activity first and then work on improving it. However, SMEs face some difficulties related to financial needs due to the quantitative and qualitative rationing imposed by the traditional financial system against them. Therefore, SMEs look for financial means that meet their specific liquidity needs, such as participatory banking which could be a credible alternative to classical financing of SME.Therefore, this article is dedicated to the presentation of different theoretical reflections and the results of the first exploratory study based on the interviews with business account managers in several Moroccan banks about the issue of the specificity of SMEs and their financing by conventional banks.

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Source: Ibima Publishing


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