How has the offshoring sector evolved in recent years, and what are Morocco’s main advantages?

Youssef Chraibi, President, Moroccan Association for Customer Relations.


Turnover in the offshoring sector was Dh7.3bn (€794.2m) in 2013 and should reach Dh8bn (€870.4m) for 2014, representing as much revenue as the aeronautics sector and supporting as many jobs as the auto industry. It is the sixth-most-important sector in terms of inflow of foreign currency. The sector’s annual average growth was 20% over the last 10 years, progressing at a very steady rhythm, and today the sector provides jobs for 65,000 people. Revenues and employment creation are correlated in this sector, which in the past five years has represented 5% of GDP growth and created an average of 5000 net jobs a year.

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Source: Oxford Businessgroup

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